"Most people view WAYMISH as a customer service guide, but in reality, it is a SUCCESS book! By using the principals in Ray Considine’s book, you can create a work force that is success oriented in everything they do. This book helped us turn around the financial trajectory of every institution we served. It is an invaluable tool in our turnaround toolbox!"
David A. Armstrong, J.D. – President St. Thomas University


"In the information age, true differentiation is more difficult than ever to achieve.  WAYMISH reminds us that ease of doing business and stakeholder delight are cornerstones of outsized and sustainable success. Companies like ours that reside in the middle of the supply chain, have the opportunity to be successful both as buyers and sellers.  WAYMISH has been instrumental in helping us embed in our culture a commitment to be equally frictionless for our customers and suppliers alike."
Kevin Short.—President and CEO, ORS Nasco and MEDCO


WAYMISH packs a one-two punch: First, it evokes all the service frustrations you’ve ever experienced as a customer; Then, it dares you to examine your own business, to confront the WAYMISH within!”
– Warren Rubin, Chairman of the Workbench, New York, NY

“As we fast approached 2,500 stores and an employee population of 30,000 we realized we had to deliver a consistent customer service message. We found that message in ….WAYMISH. Needless to say we have a copy in every store, distribution center and office at Advance Auto Parts. In fact, we liked the book so much that we requested 2,000 copies with our logo on the cover, as well as a chapter dedicated to our own customer service superstars.”
– Advance Auto Parts

“I picked up your book this weekend. Even though I was finishing 2 other books I felt I had to read WAYMISH from start to finish! Since then I’ve glanced at it 100 times, a page here, a page there. With other training programs we don’t seem to USE the information, but I can hear the WAYMISH warning with every customer I deal with! Way to go!”
– Heidi Keske, Training director of a major financial firm

WAYMISH uses documented, real life incidents-good and bad. Some illustrate a quick thinking, ‘save the day’ (and the customer) response. Others show mistreatment by insensitive, unthinking, procedure-driven employees. WAYMISH is a management wake-up call to empower our customer service contact employees to take care of the customer first!”
-Max Grassfield, President, Grassfield’s Menswear, Denver CO

“You have touched my life! Thank you so much for the WAYMISH book. I loved it. I am ordering 20 copies.”
– Rick Kreska, President, Laser Cycle Inc., Laser Printer Specialists, Lenexa KS



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