RAY CONSIDINE was a respected national and international speaker on Sales and Customer Service. Many of his clients described him as the “Dean of Sales Trainers” and “a salesman’s salesman.”

Ray dove into the heart of all issues with a let's fix-it, nonacademic approach. He never met a podium that could keep him away from his audiences. He walked the aisles, remembered names, and interacted as much as possible with the people he addressed.. Attendees from the many industries he spoke to immediately felt that he was “one of them.” His decades of hands-on sales experience with major corporations and international associations made his presentations unique, entertaining, and practical.

Considine was a truly gifted Irish storyteller – who guaranteed that each and every audience not only learned, but laughed and remembered the lessons, word pictures and images he used long after the meeting concluded. He was a master speaker and trainer up until the very moment of his sudden death in 2005.


















TED COHN is one of the country’s leading consultants on closely-held companies. Combining a B.A. from Harvard with an M.A. in psychology from Columbia, he was a director of a children’s camp, an executive in a family steel business, managing partner of a regional CPA firm, and has consulted with hundreds of companies on strategy, marketing, succession, financial planning, personnel and compensation.

As a speaker and writer he has produced over 20 books and tapes, 400 articles, and has presented about 1,000 speeches and seminars to trade associations and professional groups from A to Y – American Management Associations to Young Presidents Organization.

Concerned with supporting managers who want to work at higher levels of accountability and objectivity, Ted has initiated and served on many advisory committees and boards of directors of private and public companies.

Currently, he helps companies in these continuing relationships to focus on their unique human resource and marketing capabilities – the essence of the WAYMISH story.


CHRIS CONSIDINE Armed with a finance and marketing degree from USC. Chris followed his passion to excel in the highly charged customer service environment of some of L.A.’s top restaurants for eight years. In the 1980s, he brought this expertise into a new work partnership with a great salesman, speaker, storyteller…and father, Ray Considine.
For more than 20 years, Chris ran the business side of Considine and Associates. As an audio-visual producer and photographer, he also developed creative, exciting visual presentations for corporations and associations throughout the world. Chris’ imagination and execution shine through his photographic work for clients such as Disney, Teledyne, Direct TV, US Life, and his award winning photography has even graced Oscar posters.
Since Ray’s death, Chris has resurrected the WAYMISH message by creating a new video training package with CRM Learning, and updating the WAYMISH book with Ted Cohn. He recently brought in Lee Tomlinson to present the WAYMISH message to new audiences and
contribute three chapters to the WAYMISH book, ensuring that Ray’s WAYMISH legacy remains relevant in today’s fast-changing world of business and customer service.


LEE TOMLINSON,a contributing author, is a man on a mission to help companies make more money by dramatically improving their customer service — and to make the world a kinder, gentler place for consumers.

As the “new face” of the WAYMISH movement, Lee is honored to follow in the footsteps of his mentor, friend and customer service pioneer, WAYMISH creator Ray Considine, and his partner Ted Cohn. Lee passionately believes that the single greatest predictor of corporate financial success is the way companies serve their customers AND their employees.

For the past 35 years, Lee has served companies such as GM, Blockbuster, Comcast Cable, the San Diego Zoo, The American Film Institute and The U.S. Olympic Committee. Lee is the kind of inspirational leader who not only moves his audiences, but also turns that inspiration into lifelong business-enhancing performance.






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