WAYMISH is an acronym for: Why Are You Making It So Hard…for Me to give You my money? It represents all the slights and indifferences made by employees and organizations that lead customers to believe that you don't really want their business. Things like not listening to what the customer is saying, putting policies ahead of common sense, not attempting to resolve complaints, etc.

Can you afford to create unhappy customers that take their business elsewhere?

How many customers does your organization lose every day? How many were planning to give you their money but ended up leaving in frustration? It may be more than you think! And these days you can't afford to lose even one good customer. Let this unforgettable program teach your staff the attitudes and behaviors that make customers feel valued so they will buy from you again and again.

  • Increases revenue by teaching staff how to avoid common customer frustrations that result in lost sales
  • Maximizes customer lifetime value by teaching skills that positively impact customer satisfaction
  • Creates positive word-of-mouth and referral business by showing staff how to meet customer expectations and practice service recovery


tell it all! Anyone who is in the business of serving customers can read this and if they heed it, need little else in the way of training! It’s truly a masterpiece on customer service! Needless to say, you can quote me!”
  – Barnett Helzberg Jr., Retired Chairman, Helsberg Diamonds (a Berkshire/Hathaway Company)

“Ray and Ted have alerted us to the cost of lost customers. In WAYMISH they have provided a fun tool for every senior manager serious about customer relations training and service. WAYMISH ought to be must reading for every supermarket operator and every employee.”
  – Allen Bildner, Past Chairman – King Supermarket and the Food Marketing Institute

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