WAYMISH is an acronym for:

Why Are You Making It So Hard…

for Me to give You my money?




Your company can master the art of customer service.


Delight new customers.

Retain loyal customers.
Convert irate customers.



OVER 40,000 copies sold

This is not a collection of stories about stupid customer service mistakes. And it’s not yet another treatise on Customer Service Excellence.

It’s a training book reported in storytelling style. Use these stories in brief staff and employee meetings. Be sure to have your people solve the problems. Have them volunteer answers and suggest better ways to serve customers.

In later company or departmental meetings, interject quick sessions on WAYMISH. Repeat examples and constant service suggestions will make your people aware how widespread the “WAYMISH bug” can be . . . and why no company is immune.

Over time, these mini-lessons will reinforce in employees’ minds how important Lifetime Customers can be to the success and continuation of your business.


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